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Juvenile Dependency Counselors, Inc. (“JDC”) is a private company that provides Court appointed legal advocacy to parents and children who are involved in the juvenile dependency system in Alameda County, California. Our strong team supports the integrity of our clients through zealous representation. We believe in excellence.   


JDC provides the court with contract attorneys who the Judges can appoint to provide legal representation in juvenile dependency cases. Our contract attorneys represent a variety of parties including: mothers, fathers, de facto parents, legal guardians, prospective adoptive parents, and minors.   We support our clients’ liberty interests in maintaining their family.

JDC assures that our clients have quality representation by providing our contract attorneys with extensive training and education as well as providing them each with the latest reference materials and books on dependency. JDC provides their contract attorneys with monthly case law updates to assure they all always current in the latest developments in juvenile dependency. They dedicate a substantial amount of their time towards juvenile dependency law.  JDC is honored to serve Alameda County.  JDC protects liberty, the cornerstone of our society.
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