1. What do I do if I have a complaint about my attorney?

In the event that you have a complaint about your court appointed attorney, contact JDC by calling the number on this site. If no one is available to receive your call, leave a message with your name and telephone contact and a JDC representative will follow up with you. JDC has a procedure in place to investigate all complaints.

2. Do I have to pay for my attorney?

Generally the answer is no, you do not have to pay for your attorney. However, when you are represented by a court appointed attorney, the court can inquire whether you are financially unable to afford privately retained counsel. If after an inquiry the court finds you are able to pay for private counsel then you may be billed for your attorney's services.

3. What is the role of your attorney?

The role of your attorney in juvenile dependency is to review your case and assist you in protecting your legal interests. Your attorney will determine how they can aid you in receiving the most desirable outcome. Although your communications with your attorney are confidential, your attorney has a duty to not mislead the court.

4. Responsibilities of the client?

As a client, you have several responsibilities to ensure the best outcome for your case. You must always let your attorney know how to contact you, especially if you have a change in phone number or address. You should keep your attorney updated about new relevant information that pertains to your case. You can ask your attorney what you can do to be proactive in helping your case.

5. Do I get to pick my attorney?

No. Clients cannot choose which attorneys are assigned to their cases. However, all JDC attorneys have a solid grasp on juvenile dependency law and can equally assist you in your case. You have the option of paying out of pocket and retaining private counsel should you desire to pick your attorney.

6. What are the addresses of the court houses in Alameda County that hear juvenile dependency cases?

2500 Fairmont Drive, Suite C3013
San Leandro, California 94578

1225 Fallon Street, Oakland 94612

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